Laser Maze

Lazer Maze

Laser Maze with Beam Buster.

in the Laser Maze Challenge® by Funovation, players enter a dark room filled with brilliant green laser beams they must either expertly maneuver through, or strategically break, depending on which style of gameplay they choose. In the classic Laser Maze Challenge® mode, players must draw on their speed, agility, and balance to navigate through a field of lasers as quickly as possible, while engaging Mission Objectives along the way. If any laser beams are broken, a time penalty is added to the player’s score. In the Laser Maze Challenge® the faster the time and the lower the score, the better!

Both gameplay modes can be played individually or in teams of two, and incorporate a live action video feed, so spectators watching outside the maze can also be part of experience.

Laser Maze is $3.00 per person.